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The goal of every rider should be to have a supple horse that enjoys working with the rider. And preferably for many years. In order to achieve this goal, the horse must move freely under the rider and be ridden without force or coercion. Today's strong focus on a beautiful head posture and extravagant gaits unfortunately wrecks the horses too early. When a horse really carries itself, it lifts its chest between the shoulder blades and seeks connection on its own. For this to happen, the horse must have time to build up its muscles, it must not be hindered by excessive hand pressure and it must develop a good body feeling.
In my riding lessons and horse training (from the saddle or ground) I introduce you to the biomechanical background of riding and help you develop more feeling for your horse, as well as teaching the horse to carry itself healthily under the rider.


Horse training and riding lessons

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