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Naturopathic consultation - Healing with nature's help

At the moment I am still partly in training!

Naturopathy has been with us for a very long time. As early as the Middle Ages, people knew that certain plants could help against diseases or inflammation. Today we have a huge variety of products that we can use to support our animals.

Please consider that naturopathy does not replace modern medicine!


Or also: healing with herbs. It is probably the most common natural healing method. Who hasn't had chamomile tea for a stomach ache? I would be happy to consult you on the herbs you can use for your horse or dog.


A very special branch of naturopathy is that of medicinal mushrooms. Due to their ingredients, they are able to have a supportive effect on a wide variety of diseases. Medicinal mushrooms are also used in traditional Chinese medicine.


Essential oils not only smell good, they also have a firm position in naturopathy. The oils can already be absorbed through the skin, even better through the nasal mucosa. From here they can influence the entire organism. The effects range from anti-inflammatory to antipruritic to calming.


Homeopathy is a very complex science in itself and is not my area of expertise. In addition, it is restricted by the new Veterinary Drugs Act in its application to animals. That's why I limit myself accordingly to the heel ad. us. vet products at a homeopathic consultation.

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